IED Hunter

An I.E.D is an improvised explosive device. Partially comprised of conventional military explosives, IEDs are deployed unconventionally for use by commando or guerilla forces. Artillery rounds can often be riggged, attaching a detonating system. IED Hunter is a parody to Steve Irwin’s “Crocodile Hunter” TV series. Seems this little vid was also featured on the History Channel, “Band of Bloggers” series. Good effort to fight boredom by the US Marines.

9 thoughts on “IED Hunter”

  1. wow. nice work retard. Good to see you are in the US military and not actually doing something useful. What accent is that? South African??. I think the best way to finish such a bad video would be to trigger one of your explosives while you sat on it. Why don’t you come back home and help us fix our country instead of fucking up that place any further. (PS Aussies don’t finish sentences with g’day, its at the start)

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