F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15 “Fagot”

Over the skies of North Korea some of the most intense jet dogfights took place between USAF pilots and their F-86 Sabres and North Korean and Russian pilots flying the MiG-15 “Fagot”. This is the story of the first dogfight between the two rival aircraft. See pilot Bruce Hinton claim first blood for the F-86 Sabre.

26 thoughts on “F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15 “Fagot””

  1. Wo wut a tank! That real live video shows the Mig15 doing real life flying! Who knew tanks could fly! I am a real fan of war and fighting and stuff and now i am a fan of the mig15 fagot! I love north korea! You guys are awsome for this stuff and i love you all its a oner to meet you. Im glad britain and north korea are getting along again. Its like it was before the north korean/british war.

  2. britishwar hero, the western world(including britain) are Blood enemies to those damn north korean kommies

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  8. It is really a biased video. I have watched the complete program and it is sad that they are hiding the truth. Mig-15’s have killed more sabres then sabres did the same against mig-15 and you can find it in history.Also, in vietnam war, the f-4’s were really outclassed by the mig-21’s so much that USAF was forced to develope f-16.

  9. robbie risner shot down a communist mig with his F86E Sabre over antung airbase. its a famous mig alley dogfight with the communist pilot manuevering a slit-s and pulling up in the creek bed and wildly evasive before being shot and crashed into a line of parke mig 15’s. who is the communist mig 15 pilot? i can not find out his name. ive learnt so much about korean war pilots but still no name. can anyone help me out with this?

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  11. Brits were kicked out of America – there must have been a reason. Proud about that? You come accross as some serious Fops.

  12. Yesterday I was going to buy 3 dvd sets about military aviation. But I have found a text on one of them saying that F-86 was easily outperforming MiG-15. Bloody hell. I decided not to waste my money on that Discovery American Cappies propaganda.
    Real statistics: 650 F-86 shot down vs 335 MiG-15. Good luck.

  13. I think this video might be slightly biased, written as it was for an American audience. The MiG and F-86 were evenly matched, but really the MiG’s superior cannon armament and higher combat cieling gave it the edge. It scored more combat kills comparatively than the F-86 if you take account of reliable records. The USAF’s records of combat losses are probably just as wrong as those of North Korea. Americans lie as well, if you hadn’t noticed.

    Secondly, there is so much anti-communism these days from people that don’t know much about it. It has many different forms, and is a philosophical rival, not subordinate, to capitalism. Communists think just the same of your Ideology.

  14. Sabres completely sucks In 1971 war India strike them out with Gnats so easily.

    And since then gnats are described as sabrekiller lolz

  15. It’s rather funny that someone would declare more victories for the Mig-15 when almost every F-86, Mig-15 kill, except for six were verified by gun camera kill shots. Since the Mig’s rarely had working guns or gun cameras and have never had undeniable proof of more than 28 kills (11 were P-80 kills, 2 were F-84’s and 1 twin P-51 Mustang), I think you all need to go hide in a corner and suck on Mother Russia’s Vodka tit.

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