Israeli Air Force Dogfights

Here are two episodes from the History Channel’s Dogfights series: “Dogfights of the Middle East” and “Desert Aces” . Interviews with the pilots are mixed with excellent graphics and analysis that take you closer than ever before to the great air battles of the modern jet age.

Dogfights of the Middle East

Desert Aces

3 thoughts on “Israeli Air Force Dogfights”

  1. Dear All
    Any story has tow sides and my dad was on the other side on 13 NOV 1966 , jordan had 13 A/C at the time and no way it could have put 8 in the sky , Vs Israel had 60+ mirages and my DA counted 30 A/C with drop tanks falling from the Sky.
    2 Mirages were shot down and we do have the Gun Photos and logbook evidence
    Please don’t hisitate to contact us if interested in the Truth

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