HAF Mirage vs TUAF F-16 dogfight

HUD image from a Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Mirage 2000 fighter engaged in a dogfight with a Turkish Air Force (TUAF) F-16 Falcon fighter. This happened probably over the Aegean Sea, where pilots from both HAF and TUAF engage in simulated aerial combat. This is an excellent video, because it gives us an idea of what the pilot of the aircraft sees during combat.

1 thought on “HAF Mirage vs TUAF F-16 dogfight”

  1. Does anyone know a bit more about the HUD markings?

    I can guess that the strip-line dragging from the center shows where the gun projectiles will be, and that the two smaller lines intersecting are some time markers (or maybe even rangefinder-based marker?)

    What’s the circle?

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