The Typhoon Class Submarine

The Typhoon ballistic missile nuclear-powered (SSBN) submarines are the largest submarines ever to be built, with a displacement of 48,000 tonnes and a length of 175 meters.The Soviet Navy deployed the Typhoon Class submarines in the 1980s.Made famous by the film Hunt for Red October the Typhoon Class submarines were developed under the name Project 941 for the Russian Akula (Shark) class.

Six of these enormous submarines were ever built at the Severodvinsk Shipyard, on the White Sea near Archangel.The construction of a seventh submarine was started but never completed.The submarine carries 20RSM-52 intercontinental, three stage solid propellant ballistic missiles, each consisting of a maximum of ten independently targetable multiple re-entry vehicles (MIRV), each with a 100 kt warhead.Propulsion is ensured by two nuclear reactors, each producing 190 MW, and two turbogear assemblies comprising steam turbine and gearbox.Due to its size, the Typhoon class submarine is one of the quiestest sea vessels in operation today.The large size of the submarine allows to minimize noise caused by water.Able to stay submerged for periods of up to 180 days in normal operating conditions the submarine is fitted with all the luxuries necessary for the crew to endure the long voyages, and is even fitted with an inside swimming pool.

Of the original six submarines built, only the first one, TK-208 Dmitry Donskoi commissioned December 12 1981 is still operational serving as a test platform for the Bulava missile.Two others, the TK-17 Arkhangelsk commissioaned November 6 1987 and TK-20 Severstal commissioned September 1989 are in reserve awaiting for modernization.The other three have been withdrawn from service as follows: TK-202 withdrawn 1995 and scrapped 2003-2005, TK-12 withdrawn 1996 and TK-13 withdrawn 1997, both waiting to be scrapped.


Crew 160


Length 172 m
Beam 23.3 m
Draught 11 m
displacement surfaced 23,200 tons
full load submerged 48,000 tons


nuclear water reactors 2 x 190 MW
steam turbines 2 x 50,000 hp
Turbogenerators 4 x 3,200 kW
diesel generators 2 x 800 kW
Propellers 2 x 7-blade, fixed-pitch, shrouded


full run speed Surfaced 12 knots
full run speed Submerged 25 knots
maximum diving depth 400 m
sea endurance 180 days


Missiles D-19 missile system (20 launchers and 20 RSM-52 ballistic missiles)
Torpedoes 4 x 630 mm torpedo tubes, 2 x 533 m torpedo tubes, 20 anti-submarine missiles and torpedoes
electronic equipment automated radio communication system, satellite communication and navigation system, combat control information system, navigation system Sensors surface target acquisition radar, active/passive sonar
Periscopes 2 (one for commander, one general)

19 thoughts on “The Typhoon Class Submarine”

  1. one large ass, loud, & easy to tract target:) Thanks to US navy, it will only serve as one big bubble @ the surface…Orah!

  2. Jimo don’t be crazy – only a fool underestimates the skill of his enemies.

    If you want to try hunting a nuclear sub like that then you are welcome to try it; cleverer people than you have tried and failed, despite multi-billion dollar budgets and more resources than ordinary folk can imagine.

  3. I dont under estimate enemas’ Harveeeeeeee, you flush turds down the toilet! Are you the wipes harveeeeee? We spent billions for nothing when we should have kicked their asses before the rest of the world grew to what it is today.

  4. My god jimo you are just another arrogant American. Can’t you read! It says one of the most quiet submarines ever built! Sure the US has better submarines but that doesn’t mean that the US can find it and the submarine still has enough weapons to completely devastate the USA. Just because your weapons are better doesn’t make theirs ineffective. As for kicking their asses, just the same way your are kicking the afghans? or the Vietnamese? Even the Koreans kicked your asses. People like you are the reason the rest of the world thinks that the US is arrogant. I feel sorry for you.

  5. nick licks dick, satelites watch every move underwater, then are monitored closer by ships, planes, subs. There are also tracking devises attached, & disengages when going to dry dock, or port. Again what is your definition of kicking ass with 10 dead or more to one American, in Afghanistan/Iraq it is more like 1000-1 So fuck your media brain washed foolishness, shit lick!! arrogant? unlike the russians are? I tire of their bullshit, & heavy tax dollars used to counter this over rated pile of shit. Like the 1st Iraq war, those suppior russian tanks were a joke.

  6. nick licks dick, satelites watch every move underwater, then are monitored closer by ships, planes, subs. There are also tracking devises attached, & disengages when going to dry dock, or port. Again what is your definition of kicking ass with 10 dead or more to one American, in Afghanistan/Iraq it is more like 1000-1 So fuck your media brain washed foolishness, shit lick!! arrogant? unlike the russians are? I tire of their bullshit, & heavy tax dollars used to counter this over rated pile of shit. Like the 1st Iraq war, those suppior russian tanks were a joke. You talk about reading nicky, we are not fighting afghans idiot. Veitnam over a million dead communists as korea? We fought a limited war all because of russia/sino.

  7. Tracking devices? like you have swum up and attached them! What a load of shit! If they were so easy to track with satellite then i guess the Russians are doing it to yours as well. Not sure quite how your satellite would pick them up since in-fared wouldn’t work and there is know way MAD could get it from that altitude! What i tire of is the fuken Americans spending so much money on technology but dont even train their soldiers properly, and yes i have seen it with my own eyes in combat! Our average soldier is the equal to one of your special forces! And it shows in the casualty rates. We were more scared of the Americans than the enemy. The enemy doesn’t even need to shoot you, you shoot each other for them!

    You call Vietnam a limited war! Looked pretty fuken limited! Is that your excuse for losing to a lesser force? Same with the ongoing wars in Afganistan and Iraq

    65 Madeline St
    Fairfield West NSW 2165, Australia
    If you wanna come settle this I am more than happy! Once again an American jumping into a fight that he cant win.

  8. You say that this submarine is quiet, but it is NOT true. When these submarines were first discovered at sea by a NATO P3C aircraft (Norwegian), they thought it was an earthquake in progress.

    Vietnam WAS a war with severe restraints on the operational freedom for the military. Despite this, they DID NOT LOOSE MILITARILY. They lost to the hippies back in home. (And I’m not an american, BTW) He’s also correct when he says that it was because of russian/sino. US feared that Russia or China would become directly involved in the battles in Korea, så they settled for a “draw”. Russian fighters WERE flying over north-korea, with russian pilots, and China considered to contribute too. Instead of escalating a war which wasn’t really important for the US, they war ended as it did.

  9. Llegué aquí a través de el buscador y leyendo tu blog veo que se nota que sabes de lo que hablas. Muy buenos tus posts en general y este en particular. Guardado en mis marcadores. Abrazos desde Sevilla

  10. – Diesel electric submarines are the most silent submarines. (when not recharging using the diesel ofcourse)
    – Satelites can not track submarines that are deep underwater.
    – Actually the new german fuel cell submarine is considered the most silent submarine today.

    Spaceman, China considered to contribute??? They took Seoul back after the US liberated it from the North Koreans. And then the US threathened to use nukes.

    The Russians did have better technology in some fields, like the Mig29 and the Typhoon and Oscar double hull design, the silent kilo class and space exploration.
    But the cold was was not “won” by weapons/technology but by the better economy.

  11. The old will die out and the young will have its reigns on the world.What ever your nationality. We all have to live on this rock till better ground is found. Way it looks DICKS like these two children up here will keep killing us one nuke at a time. And for what? To see who has the bigger package? People who fight over stupid shit can only be what they fight for. STUPID SHIT. Let a 16 year old kid tell u. Sad day for everyone.

  12. I served in the us navy on a submarine. When using active sonar you can find any sub in the world but you give away your position as well. The typhoon is designed to hide in the both atlantic which is littered with temperature layers that change acoustic signatures. Russia has tracked us and we have tracked them. If any american thinks we are invincable then take up a rifle and fight. Don’t blast people on the net like a little kid. The current leader in quite is the germans with russia and america neck and neck. If you also payed attention in the news the kennedy battlegroup was tracked by the chinese in an oscar middle sub that was discovered only when it surfaced inside topedo range of the kennedy so don’t think we are invincible.
    Typoons are a great sub and beat our ohios by a mile.

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  14. I have agreement big to submariner768 comment, thank you my brother. I agree not with Jimo and think this guy is give his nation a bad reputes because of hes bad manners. I know inside out with my job many submarine and TK class is very silent and good for hiding as ocean is big. Good know Amerikan guy believe we not educated well as we all have no big TV but he forget we all play the chess all the time. 😉
    I dream of day when no longer we need thes things. Sorry for my English.

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