New PC game for WWI fans: KotS – Knights of the Sky

For all virtual flight fans out there and especially for the WWI plane buffs Gennadich is working on a simulator.KotS – Knights of the Sky is the working title for an amazing new simulator that will immerse the virtual pilot in the world of WWI dogfights.

This exciting debut from the russians at Gennadich has set the virtual flight community on fire. Offering excellent graphics and damage models, as well as incredibly detailed aircraft and the possibility to fly all over Europe, this title is not to be missed.

The game’s graphic is up-to-date and the degree of realism from what is shown is going to satisfy even the hardcore fans. For all of you who like to remember the good old days when combat aviation was born, dogfights were in infancy and pilots were real gentlemen here is a bit of what you should expect.

10 thoughts on “New PC game for WWI fans: KotS – Knights of the Sky”

  1. Any information as to it’s release date??? Looks like it is going to be a hoot! And with BoB’s continual push backs, this could be out before BoB……. and if the truth be know I think this will be more interesting……..

  2. It was first scheduled for release on Fall 2006. But then it seems to have gotten delayed for Fall 2007, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. A more accurate date isn’t yet available. 🙁

  3. Please release KoTS . We are eagerly awaiting missions.
    Regards, NormanJ.Coleman [ WngCo. Ret.]

  4. Is this game still scheduled to be released?

    I’ve heard that it were canceled. It would be great if not.

  5. If anyone has up to date information on the release or cancellation of this sim, then please share. It would be greatly appreciated. This includes members of the Gennadich team. Thanks.

  6. what a bunch of losers siting around worring about video games when there is so much more going on in the world! GET A LIFE

  7. qman = what a loser siting around posting crap on the web when you could be doing something productive, get another hobby.

  8. This game has been released under the name Rise of Flight (yes it is the same game and engine). The name changed when the new company Neoqb was formed (also knights of the sky was a game by microprose back in the 90s so may have been copyright issues).

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