Funny USAF air drops

Sometimes, things don’t really go quite as planned for the mighty US Air Force. Of course, bad things can happen to anyone, but these air drops have gone horribly wrong. This video has probably been around for years. But it is really funny. And we all need a good laugh sometimes.

11 thoughts on “Funny USAF air drops”

  1. funny how every failed landing by the Air Force happened in the same field. I think that this is a compilation of test designs not actual failures. That is not to say the the US military does not fail, because they have on many occasions.

  2. PREY TELL WHERE DID 9 BILLION DOLLARS GO WHICH WAS DELIVERED TO Iraq via the us air force ??? along with 2 shipments an rifles at 1 million each time adding to 2 million guns as per the new york times article

  3. haha the runaway humvee hmmm now that could be a good way to drop troops straight into the theatre if it wasnt so dangerous lol i think they would of at least put the handbrake on

  4. I agree with airman lamp, although it is fairly humorous, people are still just people no matter what they do.

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