Sea Shadow experimental stealth ship

The Sea Shadow is an experimental stealth ship designed by the US Navy, Lockheed and DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The Sea Shadow was ordered in 1982 to examine the applicability of stealth technology on naval vessels as well as a test bed for automatic on-board systems to reduce the number of crew members.

Sea Shadow was delivered on March 1, 1985 and was never fully commissioned by the US Navy. Incorrectly referred to as the USS Sea Shadow, she has a SWATH hull design. SWATH means Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull. This twin-hull design ensures high stability in high seas and high speeds. The two hulls below water are connected by two angled struts. Angled surfaces are a trademark of stealth technology, and Sea Shadow has more similarities with the F-117 Nighthawk than a conventional vessel. The Sea Shadow was built inside the Hughes Mining Barge at Lockheed’s Redwood City facility. She was operated only at night to keep it a secret. In 1994 the Sea Shadow was revealed to the public and is currently available for donation to a maritime museum. The knowledge gained with the Sea Shadow is currently used to develop the next generation of combat vessels for the US Navy.

4 thoughts on “Sea Shadow experimental stealth ship”

  1. I thought it looked familiar — from Wikipedia:

    “The villain’s ship in the 1997 James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies was based on Sea Shadow, although the movie version of the ship had geometric features that would make it non-stealthy. The ship in the movie also appeared to have an interior larger than its exterior. Due to its shape, the Sea Shadow’s interior is actually rather small and cramped compared to the size of the ship.”

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  3. Sad to say, Sea Shadow is no more.

    Scrapped out in Alemeda in 2012.

    This website has some amazing pictures of her in the shed.

    You can ‘tour’ the inside of the ship with the pictures. Those 360 degree pictures which let you look all around by moving the cursor.

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