MiG AT advanced jet trainer

In 1996 a new advanced jet trainer flew for the first time over the Russian skies. Designed to replace the Let L-29 and L-39, the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG AT is part of a new generation of aircraft that will enter service with the Russian Air Force. Mikoyan hopes to receive orders for about 1,200 aircraft but up until now only 20 have been built.

The aircraft’s overall design is quite standard and similar with other trainers such as the British Hawk, Indian HJT-36 Sitara, Romanian IAR-99 Soim, the Italian MB-339 and so on. The aircraft has maneuverability comparable to a range of front-line combat aircraft including the MiG-29, Su-27, Mirage-2000, Rafale, Typhoon, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18.

Developed as an international project, the MiG AT was designed by the Russian Mikoyan Gurevich Bureau, the power plant comes from France’s SNECMA and TURBOMECA and also the airborne equipment brought by THALES. Other Russian aircraft centers involved in the project were TSAGI that came with the project aerodynamics, GOSNIAS with avionics integration software and ZVEZDA that developed the K-93L ejection seat.

The MiG AT is the first aircraft in the world equipped with a digital three-channel four-fold redundant fly-by-wire system of national design. This new system is a vital element for the set-up of contemporary training system which makes possible to vary the aircraft controllability characteristics, thus simulating the flight behavior of agile fighter and heavy ground attack aircraft. Consequently, one type of trainer can be used for training the pilots of different aircraft classes and makes possible to significantly reduce the cost of military and civil pilots training.

Other important aspects of the aircraft are the sensational new ejection seat, K-93L, an upgrade of the famous K-36 ejection seat. The new one offers the chance for a pilot to safely evacuate the aircraft at 0 speed and/or 0 altitude as well as in inverted flight at a minimum flight altitude of 50 meters. Powered by two SNECMA LARZAC 04R20 turbofan engines the new MiG offers remarkable performance, making it a true 4th generation aircraft.

MiG AT specifications


Length 12.01m
Height 4.42m
Wing Span 10.16m
Take-off Weight 5,210kg
Maximum Take-off Weight 8,150kg


2xLarzac 04R20
Thrust 2×14.40kN


Operational g-load Range -3.0g to +8.0g
Maximum Airspeed 850km/h
Service Ceiling 14,000m
Ferry Range 3,000km
Take-off Speed 183km/h
Landing Speed 175km/h
Take-off Run 550m
Landing Roll 600m

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