Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 50/52/60

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 50/52/60 represents a further step in the evolution of the F-16 Fighting Falcon multirole jet fighter. There are many new modifications, most of them internally, but the biggest change visible to the eye is the pair of removable conformal fuel tanks and a dorsal avionics compartment that make the new Falcon one of the ugliest jets ever.

The conformal fuel tanks hold 450 US gallons of fuel each and do not alter the agility of the aircraft. The aircraft’s mission range and combat endurance is also increased. The fitting of conformal tanks makes the two wing inner store stations normally used for external tanks (stations 6 and 4, each rated at 4,500lb capacity) available for weapon carriage, doubling the aircraft’s air-to-ground weapons capacity. The large dorsal compartment extends from the rear of the cockpit to the fin and houses additional avionics equipment.

The Block 50/52/60 variants represent the largest ever change configuration change of the F-16. With a common engine bay, the aircraft can be equipped with the General Electric F110-GE-129 engine or the the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229, both rated at 29,000 pounds of thrust. The Block 60 comes with the General Electric F-110-GE-132 engine that produces 32,500 pounds of thrust.

Other modifications include new or improved avionics and sensors, color cockpit displays with enhanced pilot/vehicle interfaces and so on. USA, Greece, Israel, Chile, UAE and Poland are some of the countries that use the Block 50/52/60.
The F-16 gained fame during Operation Desert Storm and since then it has remained one of the world’s well known jets.
Known to its pilots as the Viper, over 4,000 Falcons have taken to the sky since production started in 1976. I still have to say that those conformal fuel tanks make this one ugly airplane.



Wing span 9.45m
Length 15.03m
Height 5.09m


Empty weight 8,809kg
Maximum take-off weight 23,582kg


Type F100-PW-229/F110-GE-129/F-110-GE-132
Thrust 129.4kN (29,000lb)/132 kN (32,500lb)


Maneuverability, g-limit +9g
Speed Over Mach 2

3 thoughts on “Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 50/52/60”

  1. The F-16 block 50/52/60 may be more capable in some particular operations, but it begins to look more like a flying truck rather than the original “sports car” of the air as it has been referred to by some pilots. Nice videos, but I got the impression I was watching a TV infomercial and they were trying to sell me something. I was waiting for then to tell me ..”Only $19.95…………….million, that is. I was always a fan of the F-16 since the Convair division of General Dynamics days. It looked and performed as it was intended, an air superiority fighter that could outmanuver the best. I guess times change.

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