New anti-ship missile for Israel

A new Gabriel family anti-ship missile is developed by IAI (Israel Aerospace Industry). The new missile named Gabriel 5 will give a better performance than most contemporary missiles especially when employed in littoral waters.
Gabriel 5 is in the same class as Exocet and Harpoon missiles and is designed to serve as a primary armament for naval vessels. The new missile is an evolution of an earlier version which replaced the Gabriel 2 in the Israel Navy service.

Superior to other missiles in service today, the Gabriel 5 was designed to be especially effective in littoral waters. Equipped with an advanced active radar seeker and sophisticated weapon control, the missile is optimized for effectiveness in a target congested battle space. Gabriel 5 can deal with chaff, advanced decoys and active ECM (electronic counter measures).Gabriel 5 is part of a new offensive and defensive suite under development at IAI.

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