New supersonic jet for India

The Tejas single-seat, single-engine, lightweight, high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft has been undergoing flight trials in preparation for operational clearance, and by mid 2005 had flown over 400 flights up to speeds of Mach 1.4. The Tejas light combat aircraft design and development program is being led by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) of the Indian Department of Defence with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) as the prime industrial contractor.

Tejas, the smallest lightweight, multi-role, single-engine tactical fighter aircraft in the world, is being developed as a single-seat fighter aircraft for the Indian Air Force and also as a two-seat training aircraft. It is estimated that the Indian Air Force will have a total requirement of about 200 single-seat Tejas fighter aircraft and 20 two-seat Tejas trainers.

The maiden flight of the first Tejas Demonstrator I was in January 2001.In April 2006 production of 20 Tejas was approved by the Indian government.In April 2007 the first production aircraft had its maiden flight.Tejas is planned to achieve initial operating capability (IOC) in 2008 and enter service in 2011.


Length 13.2m
Height 4.4m
Wingspan 8.2m


Empty Weight 5,450kg
Approximate Take-Off Weight 9,530kg
External Payload More than 4,000kg


Prototype Aircraft 1 x GE F404-GE-F2J3 turbofan engine with afterburner
Production Aircraft 1 x GE F404-GE-IN20 turbofan engine, rated at 85kN


Maximum Speed Mach 1.8
Maximum Altitude 15,200m
G limits +9g to –3.5g


Burst Firing Rate 50 rounds a second
Muzzle Velocity 715m/sec

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  1. i m so prove to feel to we also made fightplan
    thanks so so much indian army
    jai hind
    vande matram
    tejas so nice and good fight plan

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