“Crazy” French pilots over Africa

Recently there has been a surge of Armee de l’Air (French Air Force) videos over the internet showing french pilots doing a lot of low flying and generally spectacular stuff.The french have a number of units all over the world and one of these places is the Replubic of Chad.The Mirages and Jaguars of Armee de l’Air have been operating in Chad since the 80’s and have been deeply involved during 80’s and 90’s in fights for Libyan containment (at least two French aircraft have been shot down), which have culminated with the bombing of the Libyan airfield of Ouadi-Doum.

The Dassault Mirage F1 is a single-seat air-superiority fighter and attack aircraft built by Dassault of France. The Mirage F1 was designed as the successor of Dassault’s Mirage III and Mirage 5. Unlike its predecessors, it has a swept wing mounted high on the fuselage as well as a conventional tail surface.

The Mirage F1 entered service in May 1973 when the first production version was delivered. Initially, the aircraft was only armed with two 30 mm internal cannon, but in 1976 the R530 medium-range air-to-air missile was released for use. A year later the R550 Magic followed.
The French Air Force initially bought 83 of the original F1C version, the last 13 of which were equipped with the Thomson-CSF Type BF radar detector. The 79 aircraft of the next production run were delivered during the period March 1977 to December 1983. These were of the Mirage F1C-200 version with a fixed refuelling probe, which required an extension of the fuselage by 7 cm.

The Mirage F1s are currently flying reconnaissance missions for the government of Chad in their fight against rebels sustained by Sudan, and have been engaged during past weeks in close air support to French troops threatened by rebels in Chad.These missions are performed at low level using the Dassault Mirage F1, which is an old aircraft but a sturdy and reliable machine capable of operating from dusty roads from which they deploy into action.Due to its age, it is a “low-value” aircraft, thus allowing “leisure missions”…

4 thoughts on ““Crazy” French pilots over Africa”

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  3. lol. as far as I know its only idiots on the American screen who make out the French to look as enemies, while in the real world France and US have been allies for ages.

  4. You’ve made some decent points there. I did a search about the topic and wanted to let you know that I found out that many experts will agree with your point of view.

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