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Microwave heat-ray weapon unveiled by US military

Writing by admin on Tuesday, 25 of September , 2007 at 7:18 pm

I once was curious enough to put a finger above a hole in my microwave oven. The result? A pleasant heat wave, similar to that of opening a oven door, hits you. Now imagine this feeling but instead of a pleasant heat wave, a burning sensation.

This is the weapon that is expected to enter service in 2010 mainly a crowd disperser. It uses powerful microwaves at 95 GHz, that pass through your clothes without setting them on fire, and heat the water molecules of which your body is formed. The microwaves are not strong enough to cause severe burns, but rather to give the nerves under your skin a touch of pain, at a relative temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. (Read more…)

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M82/M107 .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle

Writing by admin on Tuesday, 28 of August , 2007 at 4:54 pm

The M82 and the most recent evolution the M107 are both versions of the same weapon: the .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle. It’s the most representative sniper rifle, because of its incredible rage (1.5 kilometers) and currently holds the record at 2.5 kilometers. There is no significant difference between the M107 designation ant the last upgrade of the M82: M82A1M.
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